""A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession"" Hippocrates

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Consultations

img_healthyBrief Summary

This one time session examines your food diary where suggestions are made to guide you towards selecting and eating healthy foods. This discussion will include how to make appropriate food selections when shopping and reading food labels.

Key Benefits

The consultation provides you with valuable suggestions to improve your
eating habits which in turn can improve your health and wellness. Your family benefits from these suggestions as well.

Weight Loss Consultations

Brief Summary

The initial consultation is a thorough review of your health, discuss your symptoms, and conduct a Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) Test to obtain your basal metabolic rate to accurately calculate your energy requirements. In our second meeting you are given a full report that includes an analysis of your food diary, interpretation of your BIA test, and my recommendations. This session also includes the diet education component.

Key Benefits

The consultation allows me to review any health concerns that may be affecting your weight and the BIA test provides detailed information in regards to your body’s metabolic rate, body composition, and health.

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